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The gourds are a new medium for me and a challenge. After attending the biggest gourd festival in the United States which just happens to be here in Arizona, I was stunned at the beautiful gourd vessels I saw for sale from $25 to $2,500. I decided to decline the vessels and began designing jewelry from gourd shards. I usually only sell at a couple of gourd festivals. I have many customers who return every year with stories about their shard jewelry and the reactions of their friends and they are anxious to buy another. Glowing, returning customers are the best reward for my efforts!

I always tell my buyers that I start with a cracked gourd. One which the vessel artist would not want and would eventually be burned. I wrap it in a towel and hit it with a hammer which results in different organic shapes. Then I sand and dye them and get them ready for drawing or wood burning. Color is added with ink dyes and metallic acrylic paint. I do the wire work myself and use inexpensive French hooks. Some of the chains are recycled from old jewelry which my friends donate. What I offer you is a fun piece of wearable art that fascinates others when you wear it. The best part is the shard has no weight and I try to use wooden beads and lightweight wire that make the piece "weightless" and easy to wear all day! If you are looking for the unusual, fun or recycled piece of jewelry take a look at my offerings.

To see more of my gourd art items you can later visit my Gourd Blossom Jewelry site.

All prices included shipping in the United States

Blue Triangle Earrings Woven Journey Earrings Wrapped Pears Earrings Black and White Acoma Earrings


The earrings are made from small gourds. The images are very close to their actual size. All my gourds are hand picked at Wuertz Gourd Farm in Casa Grande, Arizona. This means that someone has to crawl on their hands and knees to find them among the large leaves. Then they are put in 5 x 5 foot cages where I have to pick out the ones that match in size. This is all worth the effort because they are so fun to wear and weigh nothing

Butterfly Pendant Set Copper and Silver ribbons Pendant Set Nature's Way Pendant Set
Cadet Pendant Set Red Weave Pendant Set Turtle Pendant Set
Silver Knob Pendant Set Bird's Folly Pendant Set Journey Circle Pendant Set
Interlock Pendant Set Fish Pendant Set Turtle Pendant Set


My pendants fit on most chains, enhancer bars, ribbons and cords. If you are a zentangle collector you will recognize many of the tangles I have used. Now is you chance to wear jewelry to advertise your interest in this friendly art form. All pendant sets are just $25 which includes shipping in the United States.

Flower Cadet Necklace Set Red Wire Delight Necklace Set
Abstract Blue Necklace Set Red Deco Necklace Set
Woven Blue
Woven Feather
Copper Swirl Woven Dreams
price price
Many of you will recognize tangles on my zendrawing necklace sets. Here's where I really have fun with recycled embellishments, beads and chains. They are all priced $45 with shipping in the the United States included.
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