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My artwork is based on the use of repeating patterns. I often use patterns I find on the Internet and would compare my work to those interested in zentangling. This group of artists sharing their work in the "blog world" label me as a"zentangle-inspired artist". I also create my own patterns which I have recently published and I offer in my book, Doodling Borders for sale on this site beginning in November. Locally, I offer two kinds of classes for adults. One is for the amateur or working artist who enjoys doodling and the other instructs gourd artists in applying doodling patterns using a wood burning tool. I am very excited about adding my book to my teaching resources and to all of my students and to you. The new patterns have many applications for any artist. Be sure to take a closer look.

I work with patterns in abstract designs and also like to use different subject matter. My challenge in my zen drawings is to combined the patterns within the composition so that the eye is drawn across the design and the mind is challenged to make it's own reality from the abstract images and find new meaning in an iconic image.

One group of drawings are based on a subject. The patterns are chosen to represent texture, perspective and depth. To make these images work, I need to repect and use the density of the pattern and the positive and negative space to my advantage. In other words, not just any pattern will do! I detail this process in my book.

Recently I have been drawn to confining my drawings within a circle. My zendalas are great fun and provide a more familiar format for the viewer. Take a look and consider owning a copy of your favorite images.

This sites hosts my zendrawings and zendoodling jewelry while The Gourd Blossom Jewelry site has both jewelry and gourd items that have different themes. All the items are for sale. And I have tried to keep the prices just right for the buyer looking for the unusual. For commissions and more information you can email me at